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Hot Wallet

Hot Wallet

This Podcast is a Journey though the Next Generation Internet. Conversations about Active Investing and Digital Assets.

Scott McGregor is a former Award Winning Broadcaster turned Trader based out of Alberta Canada. He has over 10 years of successful active investing experience, and since 2019 has been mentoring retail and institutional traders at His history in the media gives him an edge in being able to interpret a lot of information quickly and break it down into straightforward analysis.

No part of this show should be considered Investment Advice. Please speak with a Certified Financial Advisor before putting any money at risk.

Recent Episodes

The Politicization of Bitcoin will not age well. | Hot Wallet

Jan. 29, 2023

Politicians are using Bitcoin as a Political Volleyball. Technology should be used to empower humans, not as talking points or headline grabbers. Here's my take! ---------------------------------- Please do your own research…

OK, we have to talk about the Trump NFT thing. | Hot Wallet

Dec. 16, 2022

Former U.S. President Donald Trump teased everyone with a YUUUGE Announcement. It wasn't what we expected. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions. This is NOT Trading Advice. Never invest more than…

Crypto Margin Trading Banned in Canada | Hot Wallet

Dec. 14, 2022

The Canadian Securities Administrators announced this week some sweeping changes to Crypto Trading through Centralized Exchanges. Here's my take. Please leave a 5 Star Review and Subscribe to the Hot Wallet Podcast! Please d…

Bloomberg Intelligence: Crypto Outlook 2023 | Hot Wallet

Dec. 6, 2022

Bloomberg Intelligence released their outlook for Digital Assets in 2023, entitled "The Code Committed No Crime." This report from Bloomberg is 9 pages of current State of Crypto, How the S.E.C. cost U.S. investors Billions …

WHA HAPPENED in Crypto?! | SBF, Brazil, Love Is Blind | Hot Wallet

Dec. 2, 2022

WHA HAPPENED!? Is a roundtable conversation of friends and thought leaders discussing the current events in Bitcoin, Crypto, Investing, and whatever else comes up. Please do your own research before making any financial deci…

FTX Crash : Hot Wallet Market Update

Nov. 11, 2022

BIGGEST BLOW UP IN CRYPTO HISTORY? Sure feels that way. Here's my take on what has been a wild week in the Market. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions. This is NOT Trading Advice. Never invest m…

Most traders are inconsistent traders.

They are gamblers with a trading platform. And they are destined to lose. Why?

Because they have no process! They cannot explain exactly what it is that they do. They just buy and sell, hoping to make money. But they never learn, so they never earn.

The great traders have tried-and-true trading processes that they’ve honed over many years of trading. They have refined their process to a point where they have a virtual ATM machine with consistent payouts. They are Masters of their process. It is their process, and nobody does it better!

Most traders don’t have a process. They just wander through the ticker forest, lost and in darkness. They might as well be flipping coins or throwing darts. Some work out, and some don’t. And their name is usually Jack. Full name: “Jack Of-all-trades.”

If you want consistency, you need a process.

Scott has produced an over 6 hour workshop and gives you his strategy for Trading Actively.  It includes a 5 Part Video Series and a 135 Page workbook. The best investment you can make is in your own education.