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Hot Wallet

Hot Wallet

This podcast is a journey of Investing, Learning and Personal Growth. 

Scott is a former Award Winning Broadcaster turned Swing Trader based out of Alberta Canada. Scott brings 13 years of market experience, and has been a contributor for over 4 years.

Scott's history in the media gives him an edge in being able to interpret a lot of information and break it down into simple and easy to understand analysis and ask questions that matter to real people.

No part of this show should be considered Investment Advice. Please speak with a Certified Financial Advisor before putting any money at risk. Never risk more than you're willing to lose.

Recent Episodes

This Week in Bitcoin (June 20)

June 20, 2022

Recent Price Action Inverse BTC ETF Launches this week Elon Buying more DOGE Coinbase Fires/Binance Hires 3AC Liquidated? DeFi Trouble with Celsius and Bancor Fidelity CEO Abigail Johnson still Bullish Long Term Follow Scott…

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May 16, 2022

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Angelo Robles: Massive Action in Web3 & Billion Dollar Families

May 5, 2022

Angelo advises families of exceptional wealth and their money managers about Portfolio Construction and helps to onboard them to Crypto and Web3.

Darius Dale: Macro Trading The GRID

April 28, 2022

Darius Dale is the Founder & CEO of 42 Macro, an investment research firm that aims to disrupt the financial services industry by democratizing institutional-grade macro risk management frameworks and processes. Prior to fou…

This Week in Bitcoin (April 11)

April 11, 2022

We’re fresh off the Bitcoin conference there’s a lot to go over! -Jack Mallers says you'll be able to use Bitcoin at your local Grocery Store soon to pay for stuff. -Honduras is taking one step towards BTC Legal Tender adopt…

Most traders are inconsistent traders.

They are gamblers with a trading platform. And they are destined to lose. Why?

Because they have no process! They cannot explain exactly what it is that they do. They just buy and sell, hoping to make money. But they never learn, so they never earn.

The great traders have tried-and-true trading processes that they’ve honed over many years of trading. They have refined their process to a point where they have a virtual ATM machine with consistent payouts. They are Masters of their process. It is their process, and nobody does it better!

Most traders don’t have a process. They just wander through the ticker forest, lost and in darkness. They might as well be flipping coins or throwing darts. Some work out, and some don’t. And their name is usually Jack. Full name: “Jack Of-all-trades.”

If you want consistency, you need a process.

Scott has produced an over 6 hour workshop and gives you his strategy for Trading Actively.  It includes a 5 Part Video Series and a 135 Page workbook. The best investment you can make is in your own education.