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Sept. 10, 2022

Angelo Robles: Unplugged From The Matrix

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HE'S BACK! Angelo Robles is the host of the Angelo Robles Podcast. He is the Founder & CEO of Family Office Association which is among the world’s largest and most exclusive global membership organizations dedicated to families of exceptional success and their family offices. He has a podcast on YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

We talk about:

  • The 1 thing the Richest people in the world have in common.
  • Staying Unplugged from The Matrix (of life).
  • How to Prep for Disaster.
  • What Central Banks are doing wrong.
  • How NOT to be another "Cog in the Wheel".
  • Thinking for yourself and developing 1 great idea.
  • Alternative investments in Web3 and Biotech for Exponential Gains.
  • Societal and Personal Evolution
  • When Crisis Meets Opportunity AND MORE!

This is not investment advice or an endorsement of the securities or property mentioned.

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0:00 Intro

1:38 Current Market Framework

3:14 Family Offices in this Market

4:46 Summer Insights

7:47 Family Office Expectations

10:14 Inflation & Central Banks

16:45 Macro Analysis Clarity

17:54 Learning From Families of Wealth

20:51 FOA & Day in the life of Angelo

28:29 Disaster, Opportunities & The Matrix

34:50 MAKE MONEY to Escape The Matrix

35:50 The Dollar & Centralized Blockchains

38:24 Sector's for Investors to Consider

39:34 Dinner Party Entrepreneur Story

42:08 Disaster Prep for Billionaires Common Topics

44:30 Crypto & The Network State

47:11 Solana, XRP, & Ethereum

49.17 CBDCs & DLTs

50:03 How Angelo Analyzes Crypto

55:02 Family Offices & Crypto

57:00 Alternative Investments in Biotech

1:03:40 Commonalities in Successful People

1:10:00 Developing 1 Great idea or Connection

1:15:36 Connecting with Angelo

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